Jay Hernishin   |   Partner / Art Director

...responsible for making things pretty, Jay has the task of streamlining and managing the largest bottleneck the company expects to face.

Jay has over twenty years of design experience, including both print and interactive. Having worked in a broad range of design environments has enabled him to quickly adapt to the client’s needs no matter how diverse they may be.

In 2001, Jay helped create SJH Design with his wife — and has worked on a wide variety of projects and clients — both in the non-profit and corporate sector.

His early work at FPG enabled him to work closely with Luke Peterschmidt on the game, Guardians. Since that time they kept a working partnership on a variety of gaming projects over the last 10 years.

In 1995, he concluded a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Edinboro University with a concentration in Graphic Design. Jay has won the American Graphic Design Award and Creativity 33 Award, and his potato soup has been deemed Iron Chef worthy by his 10 year old daughter.

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