Luke Peterschmidt   |   Partner

He is addicted to Zotz, wants to be a cowboy, and hates writing Bios. He has spent the last 16
or so years working by playing. He is an award winning game-designer, an accomplished Brand Manager (Hasbro) and a successful entrepreneur. He starts most of his sentences with the word ‘He.’ Except this one.

Luke is best known as the designer of the hit game Bakugan, which has won all sorts of awards (toy of the year, etc…), and logged in an impressive NDA protected quadzillion dollars of sales. In addition to designing the gameplay, Luke also wrote the non-traditional marketing plan for the product, assisted in the plan’s implementation, and worked with almost every branch of the publishing company to assist them in speaking geek.

Luke works out of the Geek Dynasty offices in Lebanon, PA - the only town he knows of that celebrates New Years by slowly lowering an 80lb. bologna wrapped in christmas tree lights from a fire truck. If you know of another town that does this, let him know as he finds it strangely fun to watch.

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